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Inbound’s ROI Cannot Be Denied

Inbound marketing is promoting a company through social media marketing, blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, enewsletters, whitepapers, SEO and other forms of content marketing which serve to bring customers in closer to the brand. In contrast, buying attention, cold-calling, direct paper mail, radio, TV advertisements, sales flyers, spam, telemarketing and traditional advertising are considered outbound marketing.

Here are the differences between inbound marketing and outbound marketing.


1. Very cheap.
2. Permitted by prospects.
3. It's a new market with tactic that relies on earning peoples interest instead of buying it.
4. Communication is interactive and two way.
5. Customers come to you via social media, search engine or referrals.
6. Marketers provide value.
7. Marketers seeks to entertain and/or educate.
8. There is no limit in area coverage.


1. Very expensive.
2. Interrupt prospects.
3. It's an old marketing that pushes products or services on customers.
4. Communication is one way.
5. Customers are sought out via print, TV , radio, banner advertising and cold calls.
6. Marketers provide little to no added value.
7. Marketers rarely seeks to entertain or educate.
8. There is a limit in area coverage.

With the strength of Internet, marketing has evolved over the years. Consumers no longer rely on billboards and TV spots - a.k.a. outbound marketing to learn about new products or services, because the web has empowered them.

Why hire an Inbound Marketing agency instead of hiring an in-house staff member?

This question appeared when it comes to Inbound Marketing management services. Inbound Marketing is a very powerful way to engage your ideal audience and it’s changing the way businesses markets themselves online and off. Inbound Marketing is a way to have a personal conversation with potential customers and current customers about your brand online. With this in mind, some feel that handling all Inbound Marketing efforts in-house is the best option. However, there are many advantages to partnering with an Inbound marketing company for your Inbound marketing needs. This is necessary because you need more expertise to navigate to a growing list of social media, targeting the right prospects, converting the inbound leads, closing and measuring the results of your marketing plan.

Why hire Kiliedu for inbound marketing?

We will conduct a Goal Oriented Sales Process for your business. Our Inbound sells processes will be tailored to your business specific challenges and goals. With Kiliedu, you’re not just hiring another marketing company, you’re partnering with experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations. We provide effective inbound sells process that will bring expected results to your business.

We will help you with, Traffic Generation, Lead Generation, Leads to Customers and Analytical Focused services to measure the results.

We take time to learn your business, your goals and identify your target prospects; we help you create a unique Monthly Inbound marketing strategy. We will monitor your reputation and promote your brand around the world.

We don’t view you as simply a sale or a client. Your business success is our business. We desire for you to go as far as you can image for your successful future business.

We’re flexible, agile, responsive and cost-effective company. We adapt as your needs change, with a speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

We understand that every client is unique and every situation is different. We’re proud to build Trust in our results.

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